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Here are some benefits of engraving at GoVinyl: 

It goes quickly, we can usually start your job the same week you order. If it concerns individual discs, we can almost always squeeze it in. You get a completely finished product – vinyl record with center label and envelope. We care about quality and care that everyone is satisfied. Together we create culture!



Engraving in real time costs above all time. All records are engraved in real time and it therefore takes about an hour to make a full-length 12" record. We make the formats 12 inches, 10 inches, 8 and 7 inches. 

​We deliver the vinyl record with envelope and center label.

Number of minutes (a+b side) 12 min

Cost per minute SEK 18

Basic cost (materials, etc.) SEK 180

Engraving cost - working time: 18 (SEK) X 12 (min) = 216 SEK

Printed center etiquette card (matt paper): SEK 30

White envelope (with 2 mm spine): SEK 20 

Total cost 180+216+30+20= SEK 446 + VAT (SEK 557 incl. VAT) 

Printed envelopes are handled separately on request

Call us if you have any questions

Torkild: 0702 38 21 47

Jesajah: 0702 53 17 24

Jacob: 0761 00 76 81

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